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Places to visit

In the same town (+info)
About 400 m from the house, are the municipal sports facilities that include three swimming pools, tennis and paddle tennis courts, soccer field and a skate park.
You can also visit the Gothic Altarpiece of the Mare de Déu del Lliri (15th century), located in the Church of Sant Pere Apòstol.

Bellpuig (5 km)
Sant Bartomeu Convent, Ramon Folch Duc de Cardona Mausoleum in the Sant Nicolau Church, Perelló Foundation,

Vila-sana (7 km)
Ivars pond

Mollerussa (7 km)
Paper Dresses Museum
Canales de l’Urgell Cultural Space

Arbeca (9 km)
Iberian village els Vilars d’Arbeca

Tornabous (15km)
Iberian settlement of Molí de l’Espígol

Les Borges Blanques (15 km)
Parc de l’Oli
Espai Macià

Tàrrega (16km)
Museum of agricultural mechanization Cal Trepat
Regional Museum of l’Urgell

Castell del Remei (16km)
Castell del Remei

Lleida (28 km)
Lleida Comarcal i Diocesà Museum
La Seu Vella
La Panera Center
Museu d’Art Jaume Morera
Museu de l’aigua de Lleida
Lleida Automobile Museum Roda Roda
Vallcalent Wildlife Center

A 90 Kms. from the beach and Port Aventura.
A 126 kms. from Barcelona.
A 126 kms. from Andorra.
A 125 Kms. from the Pyrenees and adventure sports.

Activities to do

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